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UX & UI Design

Research shows 38% of people tend to stop engaging with websites, or the third quarter of visitors never visit websites again if they contain long content or a complicated layout!

I bet you have had this bad experience at least once when you visited a website and because you didn't know where to find what information and got all confused tried the 'support forum' but after wasting so much time you abandon the website and never visited it again? In human psychology, it's called "Irritation".
It's the same rule when it comes to your website because no matter how good your product or service is, people won't visit if your website is not user-friendly!

Why UI-UX is important to your website

Even though they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but viewers definitely gonna judge your website by its look. In the growing online market, it’s important to keep in mind that your business is not alone here, if customers find it hard to navigate your website or they didn’t get a good impression of the webpage then there is a good chance they go straight to your competitor. To avoid that disaster from happening, Website design and a user-friendly interface should be one of the top priorities.
Good UI/UX helps improve user engagement. If the website is easy to interfere with and looks standard, viewers visit often But the main benefit is dwell time(time on page). The average dwell time for a webpage is 10-20 sec, but if viewers stay on the website for more than 30 sec that means they are interested in the service or product you offer. In this online era, there are too many options that make users easily distracted. To keep them engaged in your website it’s very important to have simple yet quality UI/UX.


GrowMyBusiness has an outstanding Designing team that takes care of all essential research on your business and customer needs. In the end, you will get an outstanding website that gives a positive impression at first look and is also user-friendly.

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