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SEO, SMM, and PPC are strong wings of online marketing which gonna fly your business to the height of success

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Like the name says it's making good use of Search Engines like Google, Bing, Microsoft Edge, and many more. For example, have you noticed you search some product On Amazon, you get advertisements for that product the entire day on Instagram, Google, and Facebook. Whichever site you visit, you get an ad about it. This is what SEO. Even though it sounds easy but implementing it without an online marketing expert might be confusing and challenging. Big search engines like Google use bots to crawl pages on the web; they put all information in the index about every detail of visitors' interest in a particular product, like a giant library. It will help them find what exactly you are looking for at a specific time; this way, they keep data of user's interest. This is a brilliant method to reach out to potential customers immediately.


SMM (Social Media Marketing)

SMM is a marketing method where we use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many more to advertise and use these large crowds as a market for your business. The Social Media Market has three core marketing pillars connection, interaction, and customer data. Social media platform enables small business owners to connect with large crowds easily, but it's not the era of just Facebook posting; now, we have to target content platforms (like YouTube) and social sites (like Instagram) to microblogging services (like Twitter). One of the zestful qualities of social media is communication, whether texting or liking. It allows eWOM (electronic word-of-mouth) One of the most significant advantages of a well-planned SMM is extracting customer data; this resource is later transformed into actionable market analysis or crowdsourcing new strategies.

GrowMyBusiness Help you


To connect potential customers through social media

Compare to other platforms people discover about products social media more, because search engines and social media sites are interconnected to the extent that users like dislike and searches
replicate in most of the sites user visit.GrowMyBusiness helps you to connect this potential customer to your business flatform directly


To influence follower

Influencer marketing strategy is top-notch in SMM. GrowMyBusiness has a community of well famed social media influencers under its wing,INFLUENCER MARKETING
is a promising and very effective method to earn trust in social media


To get crowd attention

Million of content already exist in social media; to get the attention of viewers it takes creativity and quality content. GrowMyBusiness creative and marketing teams work together to amplify your
business to stand out among your competitors.


To spread brand awareness

Brand awareness creates a whisper that "I like this product and I know you will too". GrowMyBusiness creates an environment for social listening which usually increases talk about brand and
which eventually leads to a potential customer


To use social media as the storefront

Displaying product info on social media will help users to make their decision faster. We help your business by sharing your product or service updates on social media on regular basis and these displays even help increase brand awareness


To use as customer service

Using social media to help solve product or business-related issues increases brand trust. GrowMyBusiness provides these services to help your customer or potential customer through Customer Service

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

 It's another form of Internet marketing but here you pay only if your ad gets clicked. It's even more effective if it's used with the right combination of SEO or SMM. The important part is it's a very straight road to reach a potential customer. GrowMyBusiness helps you with PPC. The most crucial part of this marketing campaign is posting the advertisement to the right user so it can drive interested users straight to your website or app. Our well-formed strategy helps your business to reach its objectives faster and easier.

What GrowMyBusiness can do for you?

Cross-Channel Retargeting

 Unlike other SaaS companies that deal with targeting a narrow audience that only has a few relevant potential customers, we maximize reach to potential customers using our expert strategies. For instance, we use LinkedIn to target the right people who are members of certain groups, have a certain title, or work for companies that are on the account list

Prospect List Targeting

 A Prospect list is a list of people who showed initial interest in your business or are being worked by sales, this list is very valuable for E-MAIL MARKETING
GrowMyBusiness manage these lists so we can identify similar characteristic audience or keep targeting the same audience again. Even if you lost communication with these customers GrowMyBusiness helps you reach them again with an update or offer related to your business.

Video View Retargeting

Sometimes it's hard to explain complex detail about your product or service in simple words, in that case, we may have to advise through VIDEO MARKETING. Another hidden benefit of this is collecting a list of viewers, which later we can use to retarget these interested viewers and turn them into potential customers for your business.

Bidding on Competitor Keyword

 Sometimes it's hard to reach an audience through non-brand keyword, especially for startup business it's an effective tactic to target potential customer who is interested in product or service similar to your business. Our marketing team bids on these well know keywords so the crowd can easily be driven to your website or app.

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