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Ok, now you ask!
Why do We provide SaaS Customer Service?
How is our SaaS Customer Service Works for startups?

Saas Customer Support:

If you want to increase profitability, improve brand image, and build trust in one place, then it’s time to reach our Customer Support Team.

Customer support plays a prominent role throughout your business. Your customer may have problems with the service, have doubts, or have tonnes of questions. Now it might be a headache to do all this query-related work by yourself! Queries are not the only problem they might face while using your web app or app on their devices. We know you are not an expert software engineer, and neither do we expect you to be familiar with any technical stuff either it’s not easy to maintain business and do all customers justice. query-related work all by yourself. Again, it’s not like you can hire anyone for this job, either because hiring workers who don’t have proper training or knowledge about your product or service may end up damaging the company’s reputation.
You may have had an experience where you called customer service for a specific product with a question or concern and the customer service representative was rude or didn’t respond. You don’t point the finger at just one person, do you? Instead, you never buy that product again, correct? one negative impression about your company is enough for customers to turn their back on your product or service.


SaaS customer support refers to the process of providing help to the customers of your SaaS product.Right from helping your customers make a better purchase decision to meeting their post sales needs. Saas customers help you build delightful customer relationships. SaaS customer support teams operate as a safety net for customers.Whenever customers face any challenges or have any questions, they can reach out to your support. 68% of customers believe a polite customer service representative is the key to great customer service.

Web- or app-related common issues in the industry:

Account issues:

a) password issues
b)"Sign in" issues

Billing issues:

a) Update payment details
b) Plan to change

App issues:

a) bugs or apps stuck
b) download or install issues

How we are different from others

"Well-trained," not "just-trained," customer service agents
Although research may show that 68% of customers prefer polite customer service agents, we all know that no one wants rude customer service agents, right? People who visit customer service are already confused or disappointed because of mistakes that happened on the other end; in that delicate situation, they should be handled very politely and with enough patience to listen to their problems and immediately respond in the best way possible. All these agents should be well-trained in communication. knowledgeable about your business, empathetic, and most importantly, assure them their issues will be solved no matter what.


Customer Support Tool

The tool we use to handle customer support also plays a major role in service and keeps you at the top of your business.
Keeping track of all conversations in one place :
customers may contact you via mail, chat, or phone call, but with GrowMyBusiness, you can access all of these records in one place.
Perform monitoring:
It's a major advantage that you can always monitor and keep track of your business growth and where changes or updates need to be done.

How is our SaaS Customer Service Works for startups?

Every startup in online have to go through these major obstacles in the beginning :

How to know, who is your potential customer?

Well to know who can be interested in your product can be easily tracked by every person's web activities these are big databases altering themselves every second according
to the interest of people. Servers like Google and Facebook have this massive big data.

Track record of success

This is another crucial step because majoring in.
How successful your business is very important ,to make necessary changes to plans for the future. The world is constantly changing.
The online world changes even faster so it's very necessary to spot your mistake immediately and fix it. And use good tactics to grow your business even further.

Competition against well-established online store

Well, this can be a tough one because the business that already earned customers' trust is not an easy hurdle to jump on, but with a few necessary tricks and a marketing strategy, you
can attract customers to your business. It takes a well-planned road map. To figure out a solution to this startup problem GrowMyBusiness provides you excellent team along witha very productive customer service team to keep in check your needs at every step of building your business.

Who owns my data?

We know it's more of a worry than a question but rest assured we don't own any of your customer data for sure. We make sure only business owners can access this data. But maintaining certain sensitive data like credit card details can be hard to manage, but don't worry our technical team will make sure to build a strong payment gateway. Here is a secret,SaaS companies invest more money in security because protecting you as customer data is also a matter of reputation for us too.

Can I customize SaaS?

Always, Anytime. These days it's very easy to customize SaaS apps or web services according to the needs of the Business owner.

From logo, layout even many features turnedon and off according to your need without the help of technical assistance.

What if my SaaS provider goes out of business?

Don't worry in that worst scenario.we still make sure all your data remains safe and you can access data even if a SaaS company goes out of business. With all customer data and your existing web app, you can always be ensured that our loss won't affect your business.

Key Features of our Customer Service:

Well trained customer service Agents.

Right customer support tools.

Collection of self help content.

Keep track of all conversations in one place.

Automate your workflow.

Monitor performance.

We are here to guide you all time!

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