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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the most creative and inventive kind of art, graphic design uses graphics, colours, shapes, and other elements to convey concepts, ideas, and imagination to others. This is the most effective approach to conveying a message without using any words. In this way, by utilising captivating and eye-catching designs, people are drawn to and interested in learning more about that product. Their primary objectives are to motivate, educate, and draw in clients.


Elements of graphic Design

Principles of grapic Design

The  principle of design suggest how the designer should arrange the components of page layout to ensure  the elements of overall design are connected to one another.

Types of grapic Design


Visual identity graphic design Designing visual components for a brand to communicate those intangible attributes through images, colours, and shapes known as "visual identity." To design an inventive, imaginative, and distinctive product or logo for an organisation, designers need to be aware of its needs and brand information.


Graphic design for marketing and advertising The most vital aspect of every business or brand marketing and advertising. An effective technique to educate the intended market about a product is through marketing design. To do this, designers collaborate with event planners or business owners to produce more captivating visual content for marketing. Additionally, marketing designers require good time management, communication, and problem-solving abilities.
Mags, posters, brochures, banners, flyers, and magazines are a few examples of marketing graphic design.


Graphic design for user interfaces means through which a user interacts with a website, app, or gadget known as the user interface. The process of creating user-friendly interfaces and offering an engaging user experience is known as UI design. In order to make them user-friendly for the client, UI designers concentrate on on-screen visual elements like buttons, panels, and transitions. Web page design, app design, and theme design are a few examples of user interface graphic design.


Graphic design for packaging to protect and prepare a product for sales and distribution, it needs to be packaged in some way. Customers are drawn to attractive packaging because the design speaks to them immediately.


Motion graphic design the most common method of brand promotion in existence today is motion graphics design. A brief yet interesting and illuminating video about the brand is made by applying visual effects to designs, graphics, and typography. Animated logos, commercials, promotional videos, and animated gifs are all examples of motion graphic design.

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