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Email marketing

You might already be familiar with old-school e-mail marketing, it’s the very traditional way to send details about our product to a group of people. But what makes a difference now? Well, marketing strategy changed now. We don’t send a marketing message to a random group of people because that just ends up in a spam folder; we acquire data through a big advertisement company to find out who your potential customer is.

These data are very particular targeting not only interested customers but even covering a specific area, age group, etc. With this strategy, you can increase the number very easily. It may sound simple but it’s not because there are so many types like Email Newsletters, Acquisition Emails, Retention Emails, Promotional Emails, etc. Finding the right way of marketing to the right person at the right time takes calculation.But GrowMyBusiness will take care of these complex numbers for you.



But How?

This takes us to our next important step, Data Extraction. I can explain it with both Theory or Practical, which one you wanna pick?

Ok, it's your choice easy one it is, let's start this with tea example, if you want to drink tea, you don't consume the entire tea bag do you? you only want tea decoction in this case, you put a tea bag in hot water to get the good stuff
right? so like tea, you need certain data about your business area so you can find your potential customer. Thanks to the internet, we have access today to more data than ever but we all know the internet is mumbo jumbo when it comes to information collection. so, to extract useful data from different sources on the internet you need 'Data extraction'.

How are Data extraction and E-mail marketing helpful to your business?

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Use of Demographic email and Segmentation email to reach potential customer
  • Send updates on your new product or service to your existing customer
  • Frequently engaging with customers
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