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Business Explainer Videos

 Explainer videos are short online promoting videos used to explain your company’s product or service to viewers in 60-90seconds video. These videos are often placed on the website's home page, landing page, or product page. Explainer videos boast popularity and increase conversation rates.

Types of Business Explainer Videos:

Live-Action Videos

 It's a non-animation video to explain your product or service. It's always a good option to promote physical products or people-oriented services. It's old school but always the prior way when it comes to emotionally convincing the audience. A good example of this is Dollar Shave Club Explainer video You can see how the brand talked with the audience and convinced them to believe their product is very useful compared to other brands.

Animated Video

 When it comes to explaining intangible tech products or software, Animated videos are the most popular and very creative approach to attracting customers. Even when it comes to explaining certain facts or points that you can't explain in real-life scenarios you can take the help of animation videos. CrazyEgg is a good example of this where they explain their product easiest way possible

Whiteboard video

These are animated videos where pictures or wordings are looked handwritten and erased on the whiteboard. It's usually the best option when every detail needs to be paid attention to. It's popular not only because it's cheap and low cost compared to other types but also because it's more like a speech explaining the entire concept along with creative hand drawings and images. You can see in this Gymnastic gym explainer video where they explained their program history under 80sec

How GrowMyBusiness Creative team take care of your business-related Explainer video

Step 1.

            We study your business and the product or service you offer which also lead us to get customers’ point of view toward your business

Step 2.

           Now we decide which type of explainer video suits your business. And we decide concept or theme that goes with your business

Step 3.

            It’s time to script. Every video takes a script and storyboard to get a clear vision to promote your business in a way that viewers understand clear

Step 4.

           Casting· Suitable actors(Live action or Social media live-action) or Graphic Characters(Animated or Whiteboard)
· Voice Actors: For Animated or Whiteboard animation we need professional voice actors

Step 5.

           Filming & Editing:  We work with standard filming agencies who are professional and skilled at their job. Once we get the final raw shortage of video and audio it goes straight to the editing team which produces the final cut Even for Animation or Whiteboard video, we have partnered with top studios in the country

Step 6.

           Screening and Launch:  Once we get the final output we do client screening and after clients confirmation, we launch the video on the necessary page and platform

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